A complete member profile

See everything related to the member directly on the profile. UnionFusion's approach to managing potentially large volumes of information related to a single member is fast, neat and effective. This includes things like a complete dues history, all of their related files and everything else under the sun. Our approach still maintains a very relevant and tidy view of the profile itself while providing easy access to everything else.


Relevant data where you want it

Every profile layout is designed to give you immediate access to the most relevant data while still providing access to everything else. We've spent thousands of hours optimizing our profiles so that you can make the most efficient use of your time. Our profiles related to people are consistent irrespective of the role they play, whether member or staff or contractor, you'll find the data you need quickly and the same way each and every time.


Files where you expect them

We have seen numerous solutions that store related files in some obscure location. Why? When looking for related files in Union Fusion, just find the member and the files are there with one click. Union Fusion also allows you to search through all files in the system simultaneously, irrespective of what the document or file may be related to. You get what you want, where you want it!


Detailed member data

The following example shows how we provide detail-specific information to the member directly in a profile content area. The details are specific to the way one particular service trade manages their information. Union Fusion is capable of tracking and maintaining a large number of important details relevant to this model. This is just another way we provide the exact information you need, exactly where you need it. See the Union Fusion difference.


Create memberships your way

UnionFusion empowers you to create Memberships the way your organization works with memberships.  Do you have multiple categories for each membership where each category has a different associated price?  No problem.  In 'Membership' design you can even allocate the funds differently for each category.  Flexibility is the key and integrating the membership content with your website is easy.

Within large organizations or assocations, UnionFusion will allow you to create memberships that differ at each local.  Each membership category can allocate a different amount of the received membership dues to the local and national account.  All of the information collected against membership dues can be easily integrated with your current accounting system.  


No-hassle allocations

Instead of losing your marbles trying to juggle allocations, UnionFusion provides a simple and direct process for managing your financial accounts, disbursements, and payments. Accounts may be established for unique payment types, and you can allocate payments to multiple accounts. We can also enable you to create payment batches to further facilitate tracking and reporting.


Customize each enrollment

With UnionFusion, you can have as many membership types and classifications as your organization needs. Instead of pigeonholing your members into someone else's definitions, you can use our flexible system to best meet your needs.


Intelligent financial tracking

Don't watch your money go down the drain because you can't understand your system! UnionFusion enables you to create fees for every situation your company requires. Our multi-faceted dues management process also includes contribution funds, discounts, coupons, to name just a few of our features.