Increase Efficiency

We're always surprised to find locals or local fund offices managing remittance information on paper or through Excel Spreadsheets. Stop with the nonsense already and put UnionFusion to work FOR you.  With end-to-end data drill down, you will see remittance breakdown in extreme detail, and you'll manage the process of collecting from your contractors with workflows that are nothing short of awesome.

Many locals make use of TPA's (third party administrators) to collect remittance, but UnionFusion empowers you to manage everything. Get started now!


All of the Pieces

Remittance Collection necessitates a flexible approach to contracts and rate managment. UnionFusion gives you all the flexibility you need. Allow you contractors to login online and simply supply their hours.  UnionFusion does the rest: from automatically calculating to collecting, through ACH payment, and much more. We can meet your organization's requirements either with our existing solution, or tailoring the product to do what you need it to do.


Integrated Remittance Workflows

The process of collecting remittance is really a simple one. Unfortunately, using antiquated systems, or worse, no system at all, makes the process cumbersome and inefficient.  We've studied the collection process from top to bottom to achieve elegance and usefulness. Come see how UnionFusion can increase your efficency and put all the pieces together in a collecting remittance.  An online contractor portal empowers your contractors to easily enter weekly or monthly hours... UnionFusion does the rest!